Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sorry Guys

So the internet at my house is going to be off for the next day or two while I argue with the company, so I have to post this from work. I don't have any wallpapers here, so I thought I'd do a poll. What theme would you guys like to see next?

1. Women (Worksafe)
2. Various animals
3. Wat (Edit: Wat is things like the pic I have added at the bottom.)
4. Cities
5. Other (tell in the comments!)

I'm willing to take any suggestions; I enjoy finding wallpapers, so I'll look for the best of whatever you guys want.

Also, just because the question has come up, none of these were created by me. I have found them in many, many various places such as imageboards, torrents, google, etc. I wish I was this amazingly talented, but I am not.

Thanks for all your support, guys, it really means a lot!

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